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    Or Leave your contacts at the Community Center Library desk
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The NATO Music Club provides a comfortable and professional environment to put your musical flare and passions into practice
All are welcome at Sonic Lab, whether you are a profes-sional musician or sound like your strangling you’re gui-tar, voice of an angel or a shower time wannabe, come join in the fun with like-minded individuals.
Musical support equipment such as drums, PA and amplifiers are available for use within the club.
Contact us if you would like to join the club, somewhere for your band to practice or if you just want to come along and learn or improve your skills.
The Sonic Lab, in agreement with R&R Sound Music School of Na-ples, provides, on base, music les-sons by qualified teachers for all the instruments and skill levels.
If you wish to join the music club, check out the schedule or just have some questions, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

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